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1576 Granville Street

1576 Granville Street
Margaret Dodds purchased from K. Marie Damron (widow) on April 20, 1914. It noted that Harry, son of Margaret, contributed $500 of the consideration for the transfer.

Harry Leroy Dodds was born August 1, 1889 in Roseville, Ohio, son of Leroy E. and Margaret Eliza (Raynor) Dodds. He married Lillian B. about 1914. Lillian was born about 1895 in Ohio. Harry and Lillian had two children: Margaret Pauline (1915) and Harry L., Jr. (November 15, 1918 - April 12, 1989).

Harry purchased the lot from Margaret Dodds (widow) on April 21, 1916 and he transferred it to Lillian on August 14, 1917. Margaret died in Columbus on May 13, 1920.

The Dodds lived at 1563 Greenway Avenue in 1920 and 105 East Hanford Street in 1930. Harry worked for the B&O Railroad. In 1917 he was a yard counductor and later was brakeman.

The second owner was Eugene Litzinger and his family. There is another blog entry dedicated to them here.

The Essmans rented this house from Eugene Litzinger from 1927 until the early 1940s when Eugene's son, John moved in.

Joseph Peter Essman was born November 19, 1861 in Ironton, Ohio, son of Christian and Mary Ann (Hammerstein) Essman. He married Margaret Theresa O'Brien on June 29, 1862. Margaret was born September 19, 1871 in Byers, Jackson, Co, Ohio, daughter of Michael Charles and Catherine (O'Leary) O'Brien.

Joseph and Margaret had seven children: Frank Christian (1893-1963), Catherine Veronica (1896-1919), Joseph Raymond (1897-1910), Mary Agnes (1900-1951), Loretta (1901-1977) and Joseph Michael (1907-1969) and Robert P. (March 9, 1910 - May 26, 1991).

The family moved to Columbus from Wellston sometime between 1920 and 1930. By 1930, Joseph was 68 and retired. He had been a coal miner. Their rent on the house was $35/month. Margaret was working as a "marker" at a clothing manufacturing company. Son, Robert P. is working a a baker and Joseph Michael, his wife and their two children. Joseph Michael was working as a delivery man for a retail grocer. (Maybe that grocer was Eugene Litzinger?)

Joseph died at 1576 on April 10, 1931 of chronic myocarditis. Margaret died in Columbus on June 9, 1939. After Margaret's death, Joseph Michael continued to rent the house from the Litzingers.

Joseph Michael Essman was born September 14, 1907 in Wellston Township, Jackson County, Ohio. He married Genevieve Marie Stanton on February 16, 1928 in Columbus. Genevieve was born January 6, 1908 in Wellston Township, Jackson County, Ohio, daughter of John Andrew and Mary Teresa (Mahle) Stanton. Joseph and Genevieve had three children, Paul Vincent (October 27, 1928 - December 5, 2005), Robert A. (1929) and one other.

Joseph Michael died in Columbus on June 5, 1969. Genevieve died in Westerville on December 20, 1996.

After Eugene Litzinger's death in 1955, his heirs sold the house to the Equitable Investment Corporation. They sold it to Charles T. Sullivan on June 26, 1956.

Charles T. Sullivan was born March 11, 1927 in Augusta, Georgia, son of  Mansfield and Sarah (Johnson) Sullivan.

Queen Sullivan
Charles enlisted in the Army on December 11, 1945 at Camp Pickett in Blackstone, Virginia. He was in the Medical Department. At the time of his enlistment he had been a metalworker and had completed one year of college. Charles was a Columbus police officer. Some headlines from the Columbus Dispatch:
  • February 25, 1964  - "Safety Dir. Frederick Simon finds patrolman Charles T. Sullivan innocent of a pandering charge, but finds him guilty of three charges of gross neglect of duty".
  • September 12, 1971 - "Former patrolman Charles Sullivan, 44, 1576 Granville St, is arrested in his underwear in a Cincinnati hotel room with two prostitutes and a convicted felon; Sullivan is fired".
  • November 18, 1978 - "Officer Charles T. Sullivan, 51, resigns in the face of charges of excessive force and misuse of authority by using his police identification".
Charles married Queen Swanson about 1956. Queen was born was born May 10, 1932 (or May 14, 1930), daughter of Isaiah and Daisy Swanson. Queen Sullivan was a licensed beautician and a member of Shiloh Baptist Church. Charles and Queen had three daughters: Charlene E. (about 1957), Margo Cecelia (about 1958) and Cynthia T. (about 1959) At one time Charlene and Margo were living at another house on the block, 1618 Granville Street.

Charles died on August 16, 2002 in Columbus. The property transferred to Queen Sullivan on September 17, 2002. Queen died September 23, 2009.

The Bryan (Ohio) Times, January 22, 1982

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