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1580 Granville Street

Woodland Park, Columbus, Ohio 
1580 Granville Street
This was another early house on the block.  According to the 1900 Census, 1580 Granville Street, was inhabited by carpenter, Albert H. Cisco, his wife and daughter.

Albert Cisco was born March 1860 in Ohio. He married Laura B. about 1877. Laura was born May 1861 in Ohio. They had a son, Lester J. (July 1885).

In the 1920 Census, Albert and Laura are renting 1066 East Long Street. Albert's occupation is house carpenter. Laura's mother, Augustus (sic) Ashton, age 88, is living with them.

The second owner of 1580 was Samuel Snider. Lots more about him and another owner, Eugene J. Litzinger can be found in another blog article.

Samuel's widow Margaret died in 1923. The next transfer was on June 25, 1925 when it was transferred to the estate of Margaret and then to their daughter Dora C. Snider.

Dora sold the house to Louise H. Kanmacher on July 1, 1925.

Louise W. Kanmacher was born in December 1861, daughter of George Kanmacher. In 1900 she was a schoolteacher, living at 296 Woodland Avenue. In the 1896 Columbus City Directory, Louise W. Kanmacher is listed as principal of the Twenty-Third Street School at the corner of Twenty-Third and Mt. Vernon Avenue.

Louise was the sister of  Hubert Kanmacher who ran the pharmacy at the SW corner of Taylor and Mt. Vernon Avenues in the late 1920s. Louise died July 28, 1937 in Franklin County.

Now there's an interesting transfer back to Dora on Apr 19, 1927. Interesting because Dora was living in Los Angeles, California at the time. I wonder why Louise sold it back to Dora? No matter, the neighbor (1576), Eugene Litzinger quickly purchased it little more than a month later on May 27.

In 1930, Dora owned an apartment building at 628 High Street. She is living there with her adopted daughter, Mary K. Snider (1921). And I wonder why Dora was in California and then returned to Columbus, at least for a short time before returning to California. She died in Los Angeles on December 9, 1962.

Following Eugene's death in April 1955, the property was transferred in January 1956 to John E. Litzinger, et al. (Eugene's children and heirs). On February 23, 1956 they sold it to the Equitable Investment Corporation.

The first African-American owners of the house, John L. and Eddie Mae Breckenridge, bought it on October 26, 1956.

Break Seen In Death Of Woman, Columbus Dispatch, January 2, 1960, "A quick solution to the death of an East Side woman found nude New Year's morning in a secluded area in western Franklin County appeared probably following identification of the woman Saturday morning. Sheriff's deputies said the woman has been identified as Mrs. Mary Ann Anthony, 18, of 1580 Granville St. Mrs. Anthony's mother, Mrs. Agnes Jenkins, of 383 N. Washington Ave., identified the body at the Franklin County Morgue. Mr. and Mrs. James Broomfield, who live at the same rooming house as the dead woman, also identified the body. Sheriff's Sgt. Clyde Mann said several persons including the woman's husband, Phillip, 23, and the Broomfields have been questioned about events preceding the death. The Broomfields too Mrs. Anthony to a New Year's Eve party and said she left the party at 4:30 a.m....The Broomfields said they did not see anyone leave with Mrs. Anthony. Sgt. Mann said other persons who attended the party at a Stevens Ave. residence are being called in for questioning. Mrs. Anthony was found dead on Deerlick Dr., a new road being prepared for a new exclusive housing development between New Rome and Hilliard. Deputies believe the woman was taken there in a car, slugged in the face and then pushed out. She was sexually attacked, evidence shows, and probably died of exposure between 4:40 and 7 a.m. Friday."

In case you were wondering, the four men responsible for the murder were quickly apprehended and all were sentenced to life in prison.

Phillip Anthony
Phillip Lawrence Anthony was born in Columbus on May 23, 1936, son of Martin Bray and Electoria (Tolliver) Anthony. He married Brenda J. McCloud (1944) on August 11, 1973 in Columbus. They divorced July 26, 1979. Phillip died in Columbus on August 10, 2002.

James David Broomfield, Jr. was born in Mississippi on March 28, 1938, his mother's maiden name was Jones. James married Mable L. about 1959. Mable moved out of state and they were divorced April 11, 1973. James married two more times before his death in Columbus on March 20, 2002.

On Mar 7, 1968 Wilfred L. Wilson bought the house and a few months later sold it to Jimmie L. Croskery on December 13, 1968.

The Neil House
41 South High Street
Wilfred "Willie" L. Wilson had been the bell captain at the Neil House hotel. He was born about 1909 and died in Columbus in August 1986. The Neil House, a Columbus landmark across the street (west) from the Statehouse and a tradition for over 140 years was demolished in 1981.

Jimmie Lee Croskery was born June 22, 1928 in Montgomery, Alabama. His mother's maiden name was Gendraw. There is a listing in the 1946, Montgomery City Directory for "Jas. L." Croskery, residing at 202 W. Scott. His occupation is helper at Montgomery Map & Blueprint.

Jimmie married Alma L. Thompson, born about 1925, on October 17, 1991 in Franklin County.

Jimmie died April 18, 1999 in Columbus and his widow Alma took deed to the property on June 1, 2000.

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