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1598 Granville Street

1598 Granville Street
Woodland Park, Columbus, Ohio 
The trail starts cold on this house. The first owners I found were William and Ida Sanford.

William was born about 1883. Ida was born about 1883. They were married about 1905.

The 1910 Census shows William and Ida living at 1598 with their newborn son Schuyler A. and a servant, Elizabeth Booker. William's occupation is listed as real estate. Elizabeth Booker was born about 1883 in Kenucky. She was an African-American and was married five years in 1910 and had one child.

William died sometime before 1919. Ida is listed in the 1920 Census, living in Cleveland Heights, Ohio, with her mother and son at 2127 Coventry Road.

On January 17, 1919, the deed was transferred to Mary E. Valentine (widow), and not long after, on July 25, 1919, to James M. Andrew.

James McFarlane Andrew was born May 25, 1883 in St. Johns, Newfoundland, son of James and Helen (McFarlane) Andrew. He came to the United States in 1888 via Baltimore, Maryland. In 1918 he was manager of a lumber company in Youngstown. He was listed as a wholesale lumberman in the 1920 Census, and may have known his neighbor, Sam Snider, as they were in the same line of work, though Sam had retired by then.

Margaret Lewis Andrew with children, James and Virginia.
James married Margaret on December 16, 1913. Margaret A. Lewis was born about 1891 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, daughter of Frederick Humphreyville and Alice Marilla (Law) Lewis. They had at least two children, James (1915) and Virginia (1916). In 1920 they had a servant, Mabel Carpenter, an African-American born about 1902 in Ohio.

James M. Andrew and his wife Margaret Lewis Andrew sold the house April 30, 1923 to Jno (John) M. Dickey. There was an outsanding mortgage of $5,000 at the time which Dickey assumed.

The Lumber Manufacturer and Dealer
February 7, 1921
The Andrews were living in Granville, Licking County, in 1930 where James was president of a the Andrew Lumber Company. A note on a 1957 obituary for an employee of the company states that, "The lumber company moved from Columbus to Granville in 1934." Margaret died November 26, 1963 in Licking County. James died February 8, 1972 in Florida.

John M. and his wife Virginia C. Dickey transferred the property on October 27, 1924, to Henry C. Wollam (his wife, Maybelle L.) and William S. Schlickman (his wife, Julia M.).

Sold February 12, 1925, to Rose and Lena Dennis with a clause that is it subject to an agreement made by Wollam and Schlickman with (Granville neighbor) Flernoy Sims.

Rose E. and Lena Dennis were sisters. Daughters of William and Rachel (McVay) Dennis. They were born in Noble County, Ohio. Lena was born April 28, 1862 and Rose was born in December 1872.

In the 1900 Census, Lena is a chambermaid at the Columbus State Hospital. Rose is listed at the Ohio Institute for Feeble Minded Youth as an attendant.

In 1910, Lena is nightwatch at the hospital and Rose is matron. In 1930, Rose and Lena are listed as officers at the Institute for Feeble Minded at 1601 West Broad Street. Rose is matron and Lena is night watch. Lena died in Columbus on February 16, 1936.

The property changed hands each year from 1923 to 1927:
April 8, 1926, Forest B. Dowell
April 11, 1927, The Aleshire Realty & Development Co.

And then on August 29, 1927, Mary A. Voorhees purchased the property and held it for almost 10 years when on January 6, 1936, the rubber stamped entry in the Auditor's books is "Superintendent Building & Loans (Columbian)" Looking at the deed, apparently that means that the house went to Sheriff's Sale, and it was sold to W. Paul Wagner for $4,000. The outstanding amount owed was $6,786.88.

Mary Alberta (Robinson) Voorhees was born about 1872 in Martins Ferry, Ohio, daughter of George and Mary Jane (Pennington) Robinson. She married Campbell Marion Voorhees on November 12, 1900 in Franklin County. Campbell was born December 23, 1866 in Coshocton, son of Richard Marion and Anna (Burt) Voorhees.

Campbell and Mary are listed in the 1920 Census at 402 Morrison with their daughter Jane (1910). Campbell is an attorney.

In 1921 or 1922 Campbell gave testimony stating that there was no need to import anvils into the US. This was to to Senator Reed Smoot (remember the Smoot- Hawley Tarriff Act of 1930?)  in the US Congress and said, "I am directly connected with the Columbus Anvil & Forging Co., of Columbus, Ohio."

The 1930 History Of Franklin County, Ohio, Volume 3 lists Campbell M. Voorhees, but the only interesting bit of information not already contained here is that their daughter, Jane, who lives at a graduate of the Columbus School for Girls and at the present time is an instructor in the Art Department of that institution."

In the 1930 Census, the Voorhees are living at 1589, valued at $10,000. Mary is a saleslady in ladies ready to wear. Jane is a teacher at a girls' school and they have one roomer, Jack Kemper, a 28-year-old territory manager for an auto finance company. With Mary working and having a roomer, maybe as early as 1930 things weren't going so well for the family.

Campbell's obituary in the April 14, 1955, Columbus Dispatch reads, "Campbell M. Voorhees, 88, of 2019 Andover Rd., a practicing attorney in Columbus until his retirement in 1952, died Thursday (April 14) at his home. Survivors are a daughter, Mrs. Jane Cummins, Columbus; two grandchildren; and a sister, Mrs. Georgiana Voorhees Woelfle, New York City. Mr. Voorhees was a 33rd degree Mason, a member of Magnolia Blue Lodge, the Scottish Rite and Shrine..."

A more elaborate biography is found on the website, "M. W. Brother Voorhees was born in Coshocton, Ohio, December 23,1866. Following his graduation from the high school there, he entered the service of the United States Government in its Pension Department in Columbus, where he continued until 1887, at which time he entered Wooster University, Wooster, Ohio. He later attended the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he received the degree of L.L.B. in June, 1893.

In December 1892, he was admitted to the practice of law by the Supreme Court of Ohio in Columbus, and so continued for more than fifty-five years, retiring in 1949. From his early youth, he has been a member of the Franklin Park Methodist Church, Columbus, Ohio.

He was initiated an Entered Apprentice in Coshocton Lodge No. 96, Coshocton, Ohio, August 26, 1892...(omitting the bulk of his Masonic activities)... on October 18, 1923, was elected Most Worshipful Grand Master...

Death brought to a close the life of our Past Grand Master, M. W. Brother Campbell Marion Voorhees, who died at his home in Columbus, Ohio, On April 14, 1955. Funeral services were held privately on April 16, 1955. M. W. Brother Voorhees remains were cremated and presented to his family."

On July 23, 1937, Joseph W. and Della M. Randall purchased the house.

Joseph William Randall was born September 23, 1896 in Chester Hill, Ohio. Della Zebra (Moore) was born about 1893 in Crooksville, Ohio. The were married October 9, 1916. They had a number of children: George Frederick (1919), Dorothy L. (1923), Joseph T. (1925), John Moore (1927) Harold G. (February 24, 1929) and Paul S. (1931). Harold died February 26, 1930 of whooping cough. A son, Robert was born December 31, 1932, but died the next day of complications of birth. Another daughter was stillborn May 10, 1937.
The (Zanesville) Times Recorder
February 25, 1930

In 1930 Joseph was a railway postal clerk and the Randalls lived at 275 Ohio Avenue, which they rented for $40/month.

In 1942, Joseph was still a railway postal clerk, working on the Pittsburgh to St. Louis route.

The (Zanesville) Times Recorder
September 12, 1967
Joseph W. died in Frazeysburg, Muskingum County, on March 28, 1960 leaving an estate valued at $2,034.75. Della died in the same place on September 11, 1967.

Obviously there was some Frazeysburg connection between the Randalls and the next owner, the Baughmans. Roy A. and Etha Olive Baughman held the deed starting on November 21, 1949. Roy was a Muskingum County Commissioner. Etha died in Frazeysburg in March 1957. But they quickly turned the house around, selling it to David Michael, Jr. (et al) on June 27, 1950.

In 1951, 1960 and  1970, Frank Thompson is listed in the City Directory at that address.

The October 1, 1972 Columbus Dispatch reports that David Michael, Jr. (48) of 1598 Granville Street was wounded when he was shot by his wife, Mary (44) at their home.

David H. Michael, Jr. was born in West Virginia on June 23, 1924. He married Mary Katherine Thompson. Mary was born April 18, 1928.

David was a WWII veteran, enlisted on June 11, 1943. He worked as a truck driver for a metal products company.

Man Wounded During Quarrel With His Wife, says a Columbus Dispatch article of October 7, 1972. "David Michael, Jr. 48, of 1598 Granville St., was wounded early Saturday when he was shot by his wife during an argument...Michael was in fair condition in St.Anthony's Hospital with .22-caliber gunshot wounds in the buttocks. Police said the shooting occurred while Michael and his wife, Mary, 44, were arguing at their home about 4 a.m. Policesaid Michael refused to press charges."
Mary and David both died in Columbus. Mary on August 5, 1990 and David on December 13, 1992. Their last home was 1832 Berkeley Road.

James Edmond and Mary E. O'Cain purchased the house on January 20, 1975. James was born April 17, 1925, son of Edmond and Ruby (Edwards) O'Cain. Mary was born January 27, 1927. They ran O'Cain's Market at 1032 East Long Street.

The November 29, 1976, Columbus Dispatch says that O'Cain's Low Cost Food Market was issued a liquor permit.

1032 East Long Street, the former O'Cain's Market
A Columbus Dispatch headline of November 25, 1989 reads, "Trial of Grocers Gentry V. Shannon and James E. O'Cain Set on Food Stamp Charges". Follow-up headlines from 1990 say that Shannon pled guilty to four federal charges in a $1.27 million food stamp laundering case and was sentenced to four years in prison for food stamp fraud. O'Cain pled guilty to charges of conspiracy, unlawful posession of food stamps, theft of government property and money laundering. He was apparently sentenced to Leavenworth Prison.

James died December 11, 2005 in Pataskala.

The O'Cains sold the house on November 3, 1995 to Carl H. Woodford.
This 1898 advertisment  for Lewis Hicklen's  grocery at the corner of 20th and Long is the same location as O'Cain's, 1032 East Long Street. Interesting that this building has been a market for over 100 years in the same location. Hicklen lived at 82 N. 21st Street in 1894.

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