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1599 Clifton Avenue

1599 Clifton Avenue
Robert K. McAllister was born in Ohio about 1885. He married Emogene R. McAllister about 1922. Emogene was born about 1884 in Iowa. They had two children: Elizabeth Jean (1923) and Mary M. (1925).

The McAllisters purchased the property, Lot 11 in Watson & Ryan's Subdivision on January 15, 1919.

Robert was a house builder with an office at 85 South High Street. In 1920 the family lived at 1603 Clifton Avenue. They had a servant, Hattie Bond, listed as a 38 year-old mulatto in the Census.

It is logical to assume that Robert McAllister built this house. He sold it in December 1919 to the widow, Vivian P. Dewey for $10,000.

Vivian Peavey was born about March 13, 1890 in Waltham, Massachusetts, daughter of Simon F. and Elizabeth (Benson) Peavey. She married Joseph Fenns Dewey about 1913. Joseph was born February 6, 1888 in Sheffield, Illinois, son of B. Fenns and Eva Coyle Dewey. They had two children, Joseph F. Dewey (July 27, 1913, Chicago) and Vivian Dewey (1916). 

Joseph, Sr. died September 22, 1919 at his parents' home at 1631 Granville Street of pneumonia. His death certificate lists his occupation as "motor trucks".

On November 6, 1920, Vivian married Jonas Ferson McCune. Jonas was born May 18, 1894 in Ohio, son of Jonas M. and Evalena Gares McCune. On December 16, 1920 Vivian change the deed to the house to reflect her married name.

In 1930 the family is living at 296 North Columbia Avenue in Bexley. They have a maid, Elizabeth Dooley, age 33. Jonas is a realtor, and the home they own is valued at $60,000.

Jonas F. McCune
Jonas committed suicide on May 19, 1932 in Truro Township, "near Columbus Country Club". His death certificate states that he died of a "gunshot wound through brain" He died one day after his 38th birthday. His residence at that time was 105 Woodland Avenue.

The May 20, 1932 Columbus Dispatch front page story reads, Financial Worries Blamed for Suicide - Body of Jonas F. McCune, Realty Dealer, Found in Field Near Columbus Country Club by Searchers. - Financial worries are believed to have caused Jonas F. McCune, aged 38, of 105 Woodland avenue, prominent real estate dealer, clubman and World war veteran to end his life by shooting himself in the head, Thursday.

"McCune was found in a field near Main street and the Columbus Country club, of which he was a member, about 4 p.m. The shooting is believed to have occurred about three hours before.

Revolver is found - Joseph Dewey, stepson of McCune; Deputy Sheriff William Everett, and J. Giles Mohler, 224 Woodland avenue, who found the body, located a revolver within a short distance of where McCune lay.

"The suicide was discovered after McCune's stepdaughter, Vivian Dewey, while riding in East Main street, saw McCune's car parked in a field alongside the road. Stopping to  investigate, she found his hat, coat and ignition keys in the auto.

"Mohler, a friend of the family and vice president of the Dreher Supply Co., 59 East Goodale street, was called after the girl notified members of the family. He notified Everett. Then a search was begun for McCune.

"Note held secret - No definite motive could be ascertained by friends or members of the victim's family, but it was the consensus that financial troubles probably prompted the act.

"In McCune's pockets was found a note, complete contents of which were not made public. The note identified the bearer and gave the name of relatives who were to be notified.

"McCune left his home, Thursday morning, apparently in good spirits for a luncheon engagement with Mohler downtown.

"For the past several years he has operated his own real estate agency. Previously he was associated with Leigh Koebel in a similar line of work. He was engaged in the brokerage business for a while after the war.

"Cited for bravery - Leaving Dartmouth college, McCune enlisted in the army. As a member of the Rainbow division, he was cited for bravery and at the close of the war held a commission as first lieutenant.

"McCune was particularly fond of golf and tennis, and was a familiar figure at both the Columbus Country club and Rocky Fork Hunt and Country club. Formerly he was associated with the Columbus club.

"Besides his stepson and stepdaughter. McCune is survived by his wife, Mrs. Vivian Peavey McCune; a daughter, Elain; his mother, Mrs. Jonas M. McCune, Seneca hotel; a sister, Mrs. Dwight Howard, 1581 Hawthorne park; another sister Mrs. Claude Fries, Montclair, N.J., and a half-brother, Edmund Mills, Toledo.

"Services will be held, Saturday, at 2:30 p.m. at St. Paul's Episcopal church. Burial will be in Green Lawn cemetery by the Schoedinger Co. Relatives request the omission of flowers."

Vivian died in Columbus on May 5, 1984.

On January 5, 1926 Lorenzo Baker bought the house, assuming a mortgage of $6,500.

Lorenzo Philip Baker was born January 27, 1894 in Columbus, son of Duane H. and Laura E. Benner Baker. He married Helen Louise W. Chilcote on February 22, 1922 in Cleveland. Helen was born in Ohio about 1901, daughter of August A. and Helen E. Luckhaupt Chilcote. They had three children: Lorenzo Philip, Jr. (November 27, 1922), Duane C. (1926) and Helen L. (1928).

About 1917, Lorenzo Philip Baker lived at 193 Woodland Avenue. He was in the Ohio National Guard and served with the American Expeditionary Forces during WWI. He was honorably discharged in 1919.

In 1930, the Bakers employed a live-in nursemaid, Lucile Gansheimer, age 18.

Baker Art Gallery
SE corner of South High and East State Streets
Lorenzo Baker owned a photography studio and was the grandson of Lorenzo Marvin Baker who founded Baker's Art Gallery. Lorenzo Marvin Baker (1834-1924) "came to Columbus in 1854 and became a clerk in a store, and later at the Neil House; was an officer at the penitentiary under Governor Chase; served a short time in the army during the recent unpleasantness; went into the photograph business in 1862, and the next year established the present gallery, of which he has been the head ever since.

Baker's Art Gallery has the finest art rooms in Ohio, and it is a demonstrated fact that the work of the artists are the best produced in the United States. They were awarded the gold medal for the best specimens of photographs exhibited at the Semi-Centennial at Boston and at the World's Fair at Chicago." (Ohio American Local History Network) 

The store passed from Lorenzo Marvin to his son Duane and then to his son, Lorenzo Philip.

Lorenzo Philip died in Bermuda in late February 1947. On November 25, 1947 the house was transferred to Helen C. Baker.

1941 City Directory - Charles L. Bonifield, lawyer

Incidentally, Lorenzo Philip Baker, Jr. lived at 2292 Clifton Avenue until his death, March 21, 2005.

On May 22, 1951 the first African-American owners, Isiah and Corene C. Adams bought the house.

Isiah Adams was born about 1901 in Virginia. He married Corene C.

Corene died in August 1956 in Columbus. Isiah died in September 1986 in Westerville.

May 21, 1963 Jafus Williams, Jr. and Virginia E.

Jafus Williams, Jr. was born October 7, 1929 in Arkansas. Jafus married Virginia E. Biggers before 1963. Virginia was born March 15, 1930 in Fayette County, West Virginia, daughter of Robert T. Biggers.

A Columbus Dispatch article of March 30, 1964 is headlined, "Donald Sanderson Fullen, 44, 1599 Clifton Ave., is killed when he is thrown from a pickup truck as it strikes a tree west of Springfield on State Route 41." (p. 16A)

Jafus and Virginia were divorced on April 18, 1974 in Columbus and the house was deeded in Virginia's name only on that date.

Jafus remarried in 1976, divorced again in 1995 and died in Columbus on January 14, 2001. Virginia died in Columbus on September 1, 1989.

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