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48 Parkwood Avenue - Foley House

48 Parkwood Avenue
48, 49, Part 46, 47 Calender and Rockwell's Subdivision of Lots 15-18 in Keys Barrs North Addition to Eastwood

Jeremiah "Jerry" Foley was born February 17, 1860 in Ohio, son of Irish born parents, Thomas and Ellen Moore Foley. He married Mary Ann Gallahan on December 1, 1882 in Clark County, Ohio. Mary was born about April 1865 in Indiana, daughter of Patrick and Mary Thornton Gallahan. They had five children, Anna Regina (1884-1971), Thomas (1885), Mamie (1886-1947), Ella G. (1888) and Harry Henry (1897-1969). Anna married William H. Andrews, Jr. and lived at 1618 Granville Street.

Jeremiah Foley was a contractor. In 1901 the Foleys lived at 2325 East Broad Street. The Parkwood house was built between 1904 and 1905. In 1910 they lived Mary's mother, Mary, aged 80 lived with them and they had one live-in servant, Harriet Carly, age 19, born in Ohio.

Jeremiah died of cirrhosis of the liver at 48 Parkwood Avenue on December 21, 1914. He is buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery.

On January 11, 1923, Jeremiah's heirs, Mary A. Foley, Mamie Foley, Ella Foley, and Anna E. Krumm sold the Parkwood house to Townsend D. and Lela Van Camp.

1715 Franklin Park South
The cover of the September 30, 1923 Ohio State Journal Magazine features an engraving of the newly completed Foley House built for Mary Foley at 1715 Franklin Park South.

Mary Foley died in Columbus on October 18, 1941.

On January 2, 1923, Townsend and Lela VanCamp purchased the Parkwood house.

Townsend Dickerson VanCamp was born October 26, 1872 in Newtonsville, Ohio, son of Thomas and Sarah Slone VanCamp. Townsend married Florence Brunk on March 7, 1895. Florence was born in January 1874. They had two sons, Raymond Edward (August 1897), and Stanley (March 14, 1901).

In the 1900 Census the Van Camps are living in Wayne Township (South of Stonelick Creek), Clermont County. Townsend's occupation is "huckster".

On July 18, 1908, Townsend married Anna R. Carlton in Clermont County. Anna was born September 7, 1888 in Chasetown, Ohio, daughter of James and Rosa Gilliam Carlton. They had a son, Clarence Townsend (July 15, 1909-January 31, 1925).

Townsend is listed in the 1915 City Directory Cincinnati, living in Norwood. His occupation is building contractor.

Before January 1923, Townsend married divorcee, Lela Gordon.

His marriage to Lela didn't last long. Lela had divorced her first husband, Joseph E. Gordon. Lela and Joseph E. had a son, Joseph T. Their son married a woman named Hazel M. Lela's second marriage to Townsend lasted less than a year before Lela returned to her first husband, who she subsequently remarried.

On May 1, 1924, Townsend married Jane Hamilton in Franklin County. Jane was the widow of Arthur Powell. Jane was born August 26, 1885 in Batavia, Ohio, daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth Appel Hamilton.

The 1924 Columbus City Directory lists T.D. VanCamp Company, asphalt contractors, with offices at 515 Hartman Building. His son Raymond is living with him and also working as a road contractor.

On November 15, 1924 deed to the house changed to Townsend D. and Jane Hamilton VanCamp.

The 1925 City Directory lists Townsend and Jane. Imogene, Cecil and George Hamilton live at the house. Raymond has married and is living at 1220 East Livingston Avenue.

Townsend died April 30, 1950.

On June 21, 1943, William E. and Charlotte May Jones bought the house.

William E. Jones was born July 25, 1903 in New Albany, Indiana, son of W.S. and Louise Searles Jones. He married Charlotte May "Lottie" Kraner in Franklin County on November 29, 1923. Lottie was born September 6, 1905 in Columbus, daughter of William R. and Josephine Bresnehan Kraner. They had four children, William C. (1924), Robert L. (1925), Richard W. (1927), and Charlotte M. (1929).

The 1925 City Directory shows the Jones living at 503 South Fourth Street. William is a "peddler". The 1927 Directory shows the Jones living at 495 South Lazelle Street and William is working in "bumpers" and in 1928 his trade is automotive supplies.

174 South Eureka Avenue
In 1930 the Jones lived at 174 South Eureka Avenue. William's occupation was huckster. William's widowed grandmother, Rebecca S. Kraner was living with them. In 1938 they were still at South Eureka, but William's occupation was now real estate.

The 1954 City Directory shows the Jones at 3170 Wicklow Road. William is President of the Ohio Nomis (Norris) Corporation.

Charlotte died in Columbus on January 14, 1989. She had been living in Grove City.

On February 3, 1945, Dallas H. and Marie Dice bought the house.

Dallas H. Dice was born in Indiana on October 30, 1900, son of Frederick E. and Lillian Hodson Dice. He married Bernice L. Anderson in Tippecanoe County, Indiana on August 12, 1922. Bernice was born about 1906 in Indiana. They had a daughter, Phyllis (1926).

In the early to mid 1920s Dallas lived in Anderson, Indiana and worked at the Dice Machine Company, owned by his father. In 1930 they Dices live in Indianapolis and Dallas is a chemist for a medicine company.

Dallas came to Columbus from Indianapolis, Indiana in about 1936.

A bottle of children's cough tablets manufactured
by The Warren-Teed Products Company of Columbus.
Each tablet contains 1-20 gr. Extract of Cannabis.
Dallas is listed in the 1938 City Director as a chemist for Warren-Teed Product Company. He and Marie live at 2688 Fisher Road, at that time a rural route.

In the 1945 City Directory, Dallas is listed at 602 East Town Street, Apartment 13, and his occupation is real estate. In 1946 they are living at 2646 West Broad Street.

Dallas died in San Antonio, Texas on May 26, 1949. He and Marie had been living in Bexar, Texas. He is buried in Russiaville Cemetery in Howard County, Indiana.

On August 15, 1946 the Weavers bought the house. Dewey, Susie and their daughter Vera.

Dewey A. Weaver was born September 11, 1896 in (Hocking County) Ohio, son of William and Lulu Carroll Weaver. Dewey had no middle name, only the middle initial A. His first wife Ida Stumpf, died soon after they married at age 19 of "acute nephritis", and his second marriage was to Susie M. Good about 1921. Susie was born January 7, 1899 in (Hocking County) Ohio, daughter of Thomas H. and Nettie M. Good. They had a daughter, Vera Alice (September 18, 1921-November 13, 2000).

In 1930 the Weavers lived at 1459 Briarwood Avenue in Columbus. Dewey's 20 year old sister Carrie was living with them. Dewey was an electric company fireman, Susie was a hardware store cashier and Carrie was a bookkeeper.

In 1942 the Weavers lived at 1359 Highland Street. Dewey was working for the Columbus and Southern Electric Company at 104 West Hickory Street.

Dewey died in Licking County on September 20, 1981. Susie died in Columbus in April 1968.

In the 1951 City Directory, Pearl E. Brown is listed at the 48 Parkwood address.

On May 28, 1954, the Weavers sold the house to the current owners, The Ohio Baptist General Association.

Now known as the Ohio Baptist General Convention, the organization was started in 1896 as the Ohio Baptist State Convention (Colored). The house at 48 Parkwood Avenue served as their headquarters until 1996.

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