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1585 Richmond Avenue

1585 Richmond Avenue
Lot 25, Woodland Park Addition
P.B. Cockell purchased lots 23 and 24 from the Smiths on April 17, 1904. There are some interesting conditions in the deed - no business buildings, no building to cost less than $3,000, no building nearer the lot line than 25 feet and no liquors of any kind to be manufactured or sold. I could not find a transfer for lots 25 and 26, though Percy did own those at approximately the same time - he sold them all together in December 1904.

Percy Brook Cockell was born February 3, 1871 in Yorkshire, England , son of Harvey and Emma (Dickinson) Cockell. He never married.

Percy lived with his father and siblings at 200 West 10th Avenue. In the 1904 City Directory Percy is listed as a contractor. His father Harvey is vice president of The Capital City Brick Company. Harvey had established himself as a real estate dealer in 1885.

Harvey Cockell
The Cockells were probably responsible for the building of this house.

Harvey was appointed superintendent of the Columbus Waterworks in 1900. In 1916 he was instrumental in the building of a women's dormitory, South Hall, on the Ohio State University campus, across the street from his own home.

In the 1920 Census, Percy is working as a foreman of a railroad gang and Harvey is listed as a building contractor.

Percy died in Columbus on April 18, 1940. His occupation on his death certificate is listed as "custodian of Masonic Temple". He is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery.

B.F and W.R. Oglevee and C.L.Scott purchased lots 23, 24, 25 and part of 26 in Smith's Woodland Park Addition on December 15, 1904 (along with a number of other properties that year) from Percy B. Cockell.

Barrick Francis "Frank" Ogilvee was born March 3, 1848 in Ohio, son of William and Susanne (Price) Ogilvee. He married Agnes Haverfield about 1879. Agnes was born in Ohio in April 1852.

The 1900 and 1910 Census lists B.F. as a farmer in Cadiz. He died in Cadiz on December 19, 1927.

On May 30, 1908 the Oglevees and Scotts sold the property to Mabel H. Shepard with an outstanding mortgage of $2,500 payable to Ohio Wesleyan University.

1926 Columbus City Directory
Dr. Charles Jerome Shepard was born in Nelsonville, Ohio on July 11, 1870, son of Dr. William Perley and  Charlotte Emily (Rose) Shepard. He married Mabel Holbrook in Licking County on October 30, 1900.  Mabel was born about 1875 in Shelby, Ohio, daughter of H.J. and Lydia (Bricker) Holbrook. They had two children, Jane (1908) and Joseph H. (1912).

Dr. William P. Shepard
Charles' father William settled in the area of Columbus that became known as Shepard, centered near the current intersection of East Fifth Avenue and Sunbury Road. Dr. William established an institution there first called the Columbus Water Cure and later known as Shepard Sanitarium (from 1902 to 1968 known as McMillen Sanitarium). The sanitarium building burned in early October 1981.

In the 1910 Census the Shepards are living at 1585. At the time of the 1920 Census the Shepards must have just moved from Richmond to 1811 Franklin Park South. By 1930 the Shepards had moved on up to South Columbia Avenue in Bexley.

Dr. Shepard died March 8, 1950 at his home in Bexley. He is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery.

On June 28, 1918 the Shepards sold the house to Dr. Abraham M. and Grace H. Kershaw.

Dr. Abraham Malcom Kershaw was born in Adams, Massachusetts on September 5, 1879, son of Scottish immigrants James and Charlotine/Christina (Trumball/Turnball) Kershaw. His wife, Grace was born about 1882 in Massachusetts. The had one daughter, Elizabeth H. "Betty" (1915).

Dr. Kershaw was a dentist. His office in 1942 was at 55 East State Street. He served in the Spanish-American War.

In 1910 the Kershaws were living in Laurelville, Hocking County, Ohio. The 1920 Census shows the Kershaws living at 1585. In 1930 the Kershaws lived at 2281 Bryden Road. Before 1942 they had moved to 1265 East Broad Street.

Dr. Kershaw died at St. Anthony's Hospital in Columbus on January 9, 1953. His home at the time was 109 Franklin Park West.

Ferdinand and Mabel Segna purchased the house from the Kershaws on October 23, 1920 with a mortgage outstanding of $5,000.

Ferdinand C. "Ferd" Segna was born July 14, 1896 in Huron County, Ohio. He married Mabel H., born in Ohio on June 4, 1897.

In the 1920 Census the Segnas are renting 38 East Frambes Avenue and Ferdinand is a retail grocer. The Segnas did not stay in Columbus for long. By 1930 they had moved to Bellevue, Ohio. They lived in Norwalk from at least 1946 to 1960.

Ferdinand died in April 1980 in Bellevue, Huron County, Ohio. Mabel died in Norwalk in November 1981.

On February 21, 1921 Cyrus P. and Etta Luttrell bought the house from the Segnas, the balance on the mortgage they assumed was $4,885.63.

Cyrus Pratt Lutrell was born March 3, 1861 in Ohio, son of John and Hannah (Holmes) Luttrell. He married Martha Rosetta "Etta" Williams in Fayette County on October 12, 1882.

In 1910 the Luttrells were farming in Jasper, Fayette County, Ohio. By October 1927 the Luttrells were living in Lancaster, Ohio at 846 East Mulberry Street. Etta is listed in the Lancaster (Ohio) City Directories of the late 30s and early 40s as a poultry breeder. Cyrus died March 2, 1945; Etta died in 1951 and they are buried at Forest Rose Cemetery in Lancaster.

On June 18, 1921 Nora B. Powell bought the house. Her residence at the time is listed as 1620 Neil Avenue and the deed specifies that she was a widow.

Otto B. Heaton
circa 1939
Nora only held the house for a few months before selling it to real estate broker Wert C. Heaton on September 8, 1921.

Charles Wert Heaton was born July 1888 in Ohio.

A piece in a 1928 issue of Music Trade Review says, "Heaton Buys Brother's Interest - Otto B. Heaton has purchased the interest of his brother, Wert Heaton, in the Heaton Music Store, 33 East Long Street, Columbus, Ohio. Wert Heaton will retire from the music business, and Otto B. Heaton will continue the business with the same personnel as sole owner."

Heaton's Music Store, 33 East Long Street, circa 1929
Henry J. Sauer purchased the house on May 19, 1922 and on the same day transferred it to Carl H. Brooke of 1957 East Main Street.

On September 30, 1924 William P. Reynolds purchased the house.

William Patrick "Will" Reynolds was born in September 1867 in Zanesville, Ohio, son of Thomas W. and Eleanor (Kennedy) Reynolds. He married Emma F. Krouse on January 10, 1893 at St. Nicholas Church in Muskingum County, Ohio . Emma was born in Ohio in February 1870, son of Charles F. and Sarah M. Krouse. They had a daughter, Phyllis M. (December 1893).

In 1900 the Reynolds lived at 1133 Hildreth Avenue. William was a railroad machinist. William's 16-year-old brother, Ralph was living with them and working as an apprentice machinist. In 1920 the Reynolds were living at 1132 Hildreth Avenue and William was still working as a railroad machinist. Their daughter was married to Paul M. Nash about this time.

William died unexpectedly on March 7, 1927 in a workplace accident. He was an inspector for the railroad.  His death certificate states that the cause of death was a broken neck and left thorax crushed at the Pennsylvania Railroad shop. He was buried at St. Joseph's Cemetery.

Phyllis Ann Nash
North High School
circa 1940
By the time of the 1930 Census, The Nashes and Emma occupied the house. Paul was a real estate broker. He and Phyllis had two children, Paul M. Jr. (1922) and Phyllis Ann (1924).

On March 3, 1943 Emma transferred the house to Charles A. and Mary Krouse. Charles was Emma's nephew, son of her older brother Charles F. Krouse.

Charles A. Krouse was born August 2, 1912 in Ohio, son of Charles Francis and Sarah M. Soile Krouse. He married Mary Katherine.

Charles is listed in the 1938 and 1939 Columbus City Directories as a hotel clerk. The Krouse's address at that time is 546 Loretta Avenue.

Charles died March 10, 1982 in Columbus. He had been living in Reynoldsburg.

On September 21, 1943, the house was transferred to Phyllis Ann Nash, Emma's granddaughter. Phyllis is listed in the 1953 Columbus City Directory as a reporter living in an apartment at 1266 East Broad Street.

On August 25, 1950, Phyllis transferred the property (and another she owned) to an attorney and trustee, Richard C. Addison, Jr.

A few weeks later, on September 5, 1950 he sold both of Phyllis' properties to James V. Sugar, who was living at 227 Ardmore Road in Bexley.

James V. Sugar was born in Italy on January 8, 1890, son of Augustinio and Augustina Palumbo Sugar.
He married Tresa F. Zarllango anout 1922. Tresa was born in Wooster, Ohio. They had son who only lived a few days in 1927, another son, Augustine (1924) and daughter, Louise (1928).

The Sugar family were all involved in the fruit business and James was Proprietor of the Central Ohio Fruit Company (incorporated November 20, 1901).

In 1926, the Sugars lived at 1419 East Long Street.

In the 1950s James' brother Joseph owned the neighboring house at 1589 Richmond Avenue.

On April 22, 1953, Louise C. Wilson became the first African American owner of the house.

Louise was born in 1921 in South Carolina. She married Webster Shouwalter Lyman sometime after 1957. Webster was born November 9, 1891 in Springfield, Ohio, son of James and Mary A. (Looney) Lyman.

Louise was a schoolteacher. In 1953, Louise's address was 386 N. Garfield Ave.

In 1930, Webster Lyman lived at 1673 Harvard Avenue with his wife Madie A., son Webster, Jr. (1923) and daughter Catherine A (1924).

Webster Lyman was a lawyer. In 1942 he had an office at 825 N. Long Street.

Webster and Louise both died in in Columbus. Webster on May 15, 1966, and Louise on October 8, 1986.

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