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1545 Richmond Avenue - Stewart House

1545 Richmond Avenue
Woodland Park, Columbus, Ohio
Lot 18, Smith's Woodland Park Addition.

Andrew Gray Stewart was born December 10, 1860 in Ohio, son of James and Mary Gray Stewart. He married Louise A. Yans on February 10, 1887 in Guernsey County. Louise (or Louisa) was born May 18, 1862 in Ohio, daughter of George and Louisa Yans. They had a son, Raymond G. (1895).

Andrew is listed as a druggist at 302 East Town Street in the 1896 City Directory and the Stewarts live at 78 West Avenue. Andrew's father was also a druggist. The Pharmaceutical Era journal of September 15, 1898 reports that Stewart sold his store on the corner of Sixth and East Town Street to Dr. F.J. Collison.

The Stewarts first appear on Richmond Avenue in the 1907 City Directory. In 1906 they lived at 175 North Ninth Street.

In 1920, their son Raymond was a law stenographer for the railroad. In 1930 he still lived with his mother at 1545 and was a clerk at City Hall. Raymond died June 10, 1973.

A frame garage was built on the property about 1932.

Andrew died November 7, 1920. Louise died October 9, 1951. The Stewarts are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery.

Walter F. Burch, Sr.
On September 19, 1950 Walter F. and Stella B. Burch purchased the house. I noticed that William Toler of 280 Parkwood Avenue was the attorney for the Burches on their real estate purchase in 1950.

Walter Franklin Burch was born April 9, 1922 in Sumner, Georgia, son of Ludell Burch. He married Stella Rippey. Stella was probably born September 30, 1930. They had a son, Walter, Jr. "Butch" (September 26, 1954-February 23, 2001).

Walter's obituary states that from Georgia, "...he moved to Detroit, Michigan and from there he entered the United States Army and proudly served his country as "Private W. F. Burch" during WWII. After the war, Walter married the love of his life Stella (Rippey) Burch. They celebrated over 52 years together. In his professional life, he became a butcher by trade and later owned his own grocery store in Columbus for 35 years, "Walt's Market" (at 741) E. Long St. As said by his family; he had the biggest heart and fed many many people...He was known as Uncle Walt and Pa Pa to the community."

In the 1952-1954 City Directories, Walter is listed as a clerk (meat cutter) at the For-Bren Market. In 1956, the Burches are living at 1099 Olmsted Avenue, Apartment 1. Walter is a clerk for Louis C. Ziskind, a pawnbroker at 994 Mt. Vernon Avenue (corner of 18th).

For-Bren Market, 1008 Mt. Vernon Avenue at the corner of Miami,, circa 1960

Walter, Sr. died in Columbus on April 10, 2010, and is buried at Glen Rest Cemetery.

On April 28, 1955 the Burches sold the house to Percy J. and Beulah B. Lemon.

Percy J. Lemon was born May 15, 1909 in (Covington,) Virginia, son of Henry C. and Sallie Lemon. He married Beulah B. Henry. Beulah was born December 31, 1914 in Virginia, daughter of Robert and Florida Henry. They had two children, John (1935) and a daughter born in 1939.

The Lemons lived in Staunton, Virginia in 1940, where Percy was a stone quarry laborer. In 1953, the Lemons are living at the rear of 181 Burt Avenue.

Percy died in Columbus on August 15, 1980; Stella on March 8, 1985.

On May 13, 1983, Garfield L. and Mary C. Woods bought the house from the Lemons

Garfield Louis Woods was born April 11, 1921 in Virginia, son of Robert and Beulah Davis Woods. He  died in Columbus on November 14, 1994.

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