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1563 Clifton Avenue - Sandwick House

1563 Clifton Avenue
Lot 11 Smith's Second Woodland Park Addition

Charles L. Bell was born October 13, 1869 in Union County, Ohio, son of Phineas Jun and Martha A. McKitrick Bell. He married Nellie May Cratty on November 4, 1891 in Delaware County, Ohio. Nellie was born October 21, 1869 in Ostrander, Ohio, daughter of David and Martha Crain Cratty. They had four children: Lyle (1891), Lisle Devonshire (1893), Carroll Everett (1896) and Edith (1907).

Charles Bell is listed in the 1901 and 1905 Columbus City Directories as a contractor and in 1907 his occupation is real estate. In 1907 the Bells are living at 824 Oak Street.

824 Oak Street in 2010
Bell purchased a few of the lots in Smith's Second Woodland Park Addition directly from the Smiths. Lots 1 and 2 in 1903 and then Lots 11 and 12 on June 27, 1904 for $1,600 though the deed for that sale wasn't recorded until 1907.

Bell sold the property to the Elders on August 6, 1904 for $3,300.

Bell died July 26, 1913 at his home at 824 Oak Street and is buried at Greenlawn Cemetery. Nellie died in November 1953 at the Columbus State Hospital, though she still made her home on Oak Street.

Adam Griggs Elder was born in April 9, 1877 in Jackson, Perry County, Ohio, son of Joseph Mason and Louise Catherine Griggs Elder. He married Estella W. Shaw in Perry County about November 1897. They had three daughters, Avis Gwendolyn (1899), Eleanor Grace (1905) and Gladys Louise (1908).

Elder was a physician and appears to have completed his studies about 1907-8. In 1909 he lived at 98 West Third Avenue. There are no directory listings for the Elders at the Clifton address, and he lived at 72 West Third Avenue until his death. Dr. Elder died of typhoid on March 12, 1916 at Protestant Hospital in Columbus.

William Henry Sandwick came to Columbus in 1910. He bought the property from The Elders on January 21, 1911 and this house was probably built for him shortly thereafter.

William Henry Sandwick was born June 1, 1862 in Maravia, New York, son of John and Elizabeth Booth Sandwick. He married Nellie Givens about 1883. Nellie was born January 6, 1862 in Dryden, New York and the daughter of Darius and Nancy McLean Givens. They had three daughters, Mabel Elizabeth, Mildred and Florence May.

Sandwick also owned Lot 10 in Smith's Second Woodland Park Addition, which he sold in 1919.
A complete "Oxypathor" oxygen generator kit, circa 1912.

In 1910 Sandwick was an agent selling oxygen generators. It was reported that this device was an, "appliance for transmitting oxygen into the human body which has been liberally advertised as a means of curing practically all forms of disease." The machine was advertised to "quiet the most agonizing pain in a marvelously short time, give profound restful slumber, stimulate and arouse the body and all its organs to renewed vigor and cure practically every disease."

Sandwick is listed in both the 1910 Census in Syracuse, New York and in Columbus. In the 1911 Columbus City Directory he is listed as General Manager of the Central Ohio Oxygenator Co., residing at 1563 Clifton Avenue.

The Postmaster General announced on March 12, 1915 that the Oxypathor Company of Buffalo, New York, Columbus, Ohio and Wilmington, Delaware had been, "defrauding the public on a large scale for the past six years." and goes on to say, the device is "declared by the department to be worthless for the purposes claimed and it's promoters are held to be conductiong a scheme for obtaining money through the mails by means of false pretenses. Post Office inspectors find that from 1909 to 1914, inclusive, 45,451 such machines were sold at $35 each."

Sandwick apparently knew when it was a good time to get out of the business as you can see from the paragraph below. The "Reverend" Preston King Reynolds ended up on the hook. In the 1916 Columbus City Directory Sandwick is listed a general manager of Venus Spray Co., a real estate firm with a very unusual name.
From the book Medical Mail Order Frauds by the
American Medical Association, 1915.

In the 1890s Sandwick was Manager of the Dryden Opera House in Dryden, New York (population 1,000) as well as Postmaster for the small town. Sandwick was also interested in another bit of quackery, the "science" of phrenology. Sandwick was an organizer of the Order of the Golden Seal, which by all accounts looks like a rather dodgy sort of fraternal organization.

The Sandwicks are listed in the 1920 Census in Syracuse, New York, where William is working as an assistant in a barber shop.

The Sandwicks moved to Winter Haven, Florida about 1926. Nellie died there on September 21, 1927.

William married a second time on April 12, 1929. He married divorcee Mrs. Ruth Head in Washington DC. The marriage was performed by Mrs. Head's son, the Rev. Donald W. Head.

Sandwick died in Winter Haven, Florida on January 16, 1939. His death certificate lists his occupation as a barber with his own shop.

On February 3, 1922, Sandwick sold the house to Frances M. Lasser.

Fred Edward Lasser was born July 10, 1894 in Circleville, Ohio, son of Charles and Nellie M. Lasser.
He married Frances about 1915. Frances was born about 1890 in Ohio.

Fred was a yardmaster for the steam railroad. From about 1915 until purchasing the house on Clifton, they lived at 1383 Mt. Vernon Avenue. In the 1930 Census, his brother-in-law and sister-in-law Frank W. and Florence G. Minck are living with them. In 1931 the Lassers moved to 541 Tibet Road. Fred's Draft Registration cards say he worked for the Norfolk and Western Railway and had an office on Joyce Avenue. The Lassers rented out the house after they moved in 1931.

Fred died in 1954 and Frances in 1958. They are buried in Union Cemetery.

From 1932 to 1935 The Goldens rented 1563 Clifton Avenue. Ben had a barber shop and billiards parlor in the building at 1533 Mt. Vernon Avenue.

Ben Golden was born October 24, 1902 in McDonald, Pennsylvania, son of William and Anna Mitchell Golden. He married Jeanette Evans in Franklin County on July 28, 1924. Jeanette was born about 1903 in Jackson, Ohio, Ben E. Jr. "Bennie" (January 18, 1927).

In 1928 the Goldens lived at 1521 Mt. Vernon Avenue and Ben ran the barber shop at 1533 Mt. Vernon Avenue. In 1940 the Goldens lived at 337 Taylor Avenue. In 1954 Ben was running the North Bexley Barber Shop on Cassady Avenue and living at 2690 Allegheny Avenue.

Ben, Sr. died August 29, 1968.

On December 5, 1935 William B. Nye of Newark, Ohio, purchased the house which he maintained as a rental property.

Dr. William Bennett Nye was born January 27, 1875 in Chillicothe, Ohio, son of William Worth and Rebecca Bennett Nye. He married Bertha Grace Dille in Newark, Ohio on August 29, 1906. Bertha was born about 1873 in Chillicothe, Ohio, daughter of Frank and Anna Fernald Dille. They had two daughters, Jane Elizabeth and Virginia.

Nye was a general practice physician, a 1903 graduate of the Ohio Medical University and on the staff of Newark Hospital. He retired to Santa Barbara, California in 1955 and lived at Wood Glen Hall where he died December 6, 1968. Bertha died in 1960.

In 1936 Richard Shelton Finley rented the house.

Richard Shelton Finley was born in Columbus on October 27, 1912, son of James B. and Bertha B. Shelton Finley. He married Cleta Alys Clark on her birthday in 1934 on September 14. Cleta was born September 14, 1913 in Chillicothe, Ohio, daughter of Herman D. and Mary Roxy Smallwood Clark.

In 1940 the Finleys lived on Fallis Road in Clintonville and Richard was working as a foreman at a printing company. Richard died in Columbus on January 26, 1983.

From February 1937 to 1939, Dr. Nye's daughter Jane and her husband, James E. Matchet lived in the house. He was an industrial designer. In the 1940 Census the Matchets were living with her parents in Newark, Ohio. They had a daughter and a son, Victoria Leslielynn (June 24, 1937) and Michael W. (November 22, 1938). James' occupation in 1940 is a decorator at a pottery works.

Victoria married a Nelson. Apparently at some point, perhaps when they moved to California, the Matchetts changed the spelling of their surname to Machet.

James Everett Matchett was born July 24, 1911 in Lancaster, Ohio, son of Charles Wallace and Josephine Howard Kinkade Matchett. He married Jane Elizabeth Nye in Ashland, Kentucky on October 9, 1935. Jane was born July 26, 1911 in Ohio.

James and Jane met at the Columbus Art School. Interestingly, the announcement of their marriage didn't appear in the Newark newspaper until January 1937.

In June 1971, James, as President, incorporated the J.N. Machet Corporation in California. There are several online auction listings for acrylic Tiffany-style hanging lamps manufactured by the J.N. Machet Corporation.

All four Machets died in Santa Barbara, California. Jane on September 1, 1964, Michael on July 29, 1977, James on April 5, 1994 and Victoria Nelson on November 15, 1995.

In 1940, Frank Walters rented the house.

Frank N. Walters was born about 1908, son of Martin Lawrence and Henrietta Susan Walters. He married Beatrice. Beatrice was born about 1911 in New York. They had a son Richard (1936). Frank was a studio photographer.

The house was vacant from 1941 to 1943. On April 28, 1942, the Nyes sold the house to Kathryn A. Campbell.

Russell H. Campbell was born June 6, 1907 in Utica, Ohio, son of Robert S. and Clara L. Campbell. He married Kathryn A. Hill in Poland, Licking County on August 15, 1926. Kathryn was born in Newark, Ohio, on October 1, 1906, daughter of Garry O. and Mabel Hurbaugh Hill.

The Campbells were probably friends of the Nyes. At the time of their marriage in 1926, Russell was working in as a baker and Kathryn was a stenographer. The 1930 census finds the Campbells in Newark and Russell is proprietor of a bakery. In 1937 the Campbells lived in Granville, Ohio. In 1942, Russell was a deputy county auditor and the they lived at 1905 Bedford Road in Upper Arlington.

Russell died in Canton, Ohio on October 10, 1980.

The Campbells rented the house to the Cramers before 1946 and sold it to them on February 16, 1949.

240-242 Taylor Avenue
Leo J. Kramer was born about 1902 in Indiana, son of Phillip J. and Anna Kramer. He married Katherine. Katherine O.was born about 1912 in Indiana. They had five children  Phillip L. (1932, Indiana), Francis (1932, Indiana), William (1934, Indiana), Roberta (1936, Ohio) and Maryanna (1939, Ohio).

It appears that the Kramers moved to Columbus in late 1933-early 1934. They are listed in the 1934 City Directory at 1487 East 26th Avenue. In 1937 they are living at 1284 South 4th Street. The Kramers rented 242 Taylor Avenue about 1939 to 1945. Leo was a coal truck driver.

Leo died in Tehama, California on September 26, 1961. Katherine may have died in Vigo County Indiana in the early 1950s.

Two weeks later, on March 2, 1949 the Kramers transferred the house to Lawrence and Ruth Mulligan.

The Mulligans didn't live here very long, selling it on September 29, 1950 and then purchasing 263 Woodland Avenue.

Laurence Mulligan was born about 1913 in Georgia, son of Alfred Edgar and Lena Mulligan. He married Ruth. Ruth was born about 1913.

Lawrence appears in the 1920 and 1930 Census in Fort Gaines, Clay County, Georgia. By 1940 he is living in Columbus at 1417 East Long Street with his uncle, Berry McDonald. Lawrence is working as a bartender at a private club.

Ruth died in Columbus on December 18, 1978 and Lawrence died on April 6, 1985.

On September 29, 1950, George and Geraldine Barnett bought the house from the Mulligans. The house is still owned by the Barnett family.

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