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50 Taylor Avenue - Leon-Grim House

Lot 8 Cornfield's Addition

On April 27, 1897, Margaret Cornfield of Kent County, Michigan sold lots 8, 19 and 32 to William H. Albery for $2,200. Albery also assumed mortgages of $400 on lot 8, $600 on lot 19 and $500 on lot 32.

The Alberys sold lot eight to Florence A. Grim for $1,000 on October 6, 1900. This house was probably completed in 1901.

Leopold Leon was born March 12, 1869 in Cincinnati, son of Marx and Jennie Leon. He married Florence A. Grim about 1897. Florence A. Grim was born in Springfield, Ohio, in January 1877, daughter of Horace G. and Dora Scott Grim. Leopold and Florence were divorced before 1907.

Hotel Star, 227-229 North High Street, circa 1905

Leopold Leon, circa 1896
The 1892 City Directory lists the Leon Brothers, Leopold and Emanuel M., proprietors of the Star Furniture House at 490-494 North High Street. The brothers then lived at 759 East Town Street, which later became Bryden Road. Their brother Charles M. was with The London Clothing Company (132 North High Street) and was living in Springfield, Ohio. Florence was from Springfield, so perhaps this is how Leopold and Florence met.

In 1893, Leopold was living at 759 East Town Street, Emanuel was living at The Richelieu, and Charles was at 1215 East Town Street.

In 1896 the brothers owned Leon Brothers & Company at 227 North High Street. The business was opened April 24, 1896 as Leon's Star Furniture House. The building extended to 229 North High Street.

The building was later the Star Hotel. There was a large fire at the hotel on February 16, 1923.

In 1897 Leopold was living with his brother Charles at 759 Bryden Road. Emanuel lived at 1255 Neil Avenue.

759 Bryden Road, March 2010
The 1900 Census shows Leopold and Florence living at 459 Mound Street, his occupation is listed as merchant. The 1902 and 1903 City Directories list Leopold at 50 Taylor Avenue and in 1902 his occupation is listed as broker. In the 1904 and 1905 City Directories Leopold is listed at 1556 Hawthorne Avenue.

1556 Hawthorne Avenue is Lot 11 of Tussing's Trustees Subdivision. Leopold bought the property from L. Benton Tussing on November 19, 1902 for $800. The deed states that no house may be built on the lot costing less than $2,000.

On July 21, 1903, Leopold, unmarried, sold to Florence A Grim, Lot 11 of Tussings for $1,000. Florence also had another unrelated property that she sold on the same day to Levi Smith and that deed notes her name as "Florence A. Grim, sometimes known as Mrs. L. Leon..."

Florence married Thomas P. Hanley in Cuyahoga County on January 18, 1907. They were divorced and Florence married Clarence R. McCain in Cuyahoga County on January 4, 1909. In 1910 the McCains were living in Detroit and Florence had acquired three stepsons in the deal.

In the 1920 Census, Leopold is listed as a lodger with John and Sarah Lewis at 344-1/2 East Main Street. His occupation is clothing salesman.

Leopold married Helen Nancy Van Meter in Newport, Kentucky on September 24, 1920. Helen was born in Columbus on February 2, 1895, daughter of Herman U. and Nancy Ollie Calland Van Meter. They had a son, Jack in 1923. In 1930 the Leons lived at 1113 Champion Avenue.

In 1937 the Leons lived at 1218 Ohio Avenue. Leopold was still working as a clothing salesman.

Leopold died February 13, 1937 at Grant Hospital in Columbus. Helen was only 42 when she died on February 23, 1937 of acute heart dilatation due to the shock of her husband's death. They are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery. Their son Jack was raised by an aunt and uncle.

On June 22, 1903, Florence sold the house at 50 Taylor Avenue to Minnie P. Hepburn for $3,100.

Arthur C. Hepburn was born in Ohio in February 1857, son of Harman P. and Susan Hepburn. He married Lilly before 1880. Lilly was born about 1860 in Florida. He and Lilly lived at 27 Ruth Street in Memphis, Tennessee in 1880.

In 1860, Arthur was enumerated with his parents, Harman Pease and Susan Hepburn in Middleburg, Cuyahoga County, Ohio. An 1890 issue of the Engineering News-Record cites Arthur as Chief Engineer of the Shreveport Railway and Land Improvement Company. This was a company working to lay tracks and bring the first electric streetcars to Shreveport. In 1892, Hepburn reported that grading had been completed and five miles of track had been laid.

Arthur married Minnie Perry Hendricks in Caddo Parish, Louisiana on January 26, 1893. Minnie was born about 1860 in Iowa. They had three daughters: Katherine R. (1894), Marjorie S. (1896) and Dortha T. (1897).

In 1870 Minnie is living with her paternal grandparents, Adam R. and Rachel W. Hendricks in Burlington, Iowa. In 1880 she is living with her maternal aunt, Annie Frisby in Shreveport, Louisiana and working as a bookkeeper. Minnie is the daughter of one of Adam and Rachel's sons: Charles D., Daniel Allen G., or James B. Hendricks.

The 1900 Census is rather confusing. Arthur is listed as a patient at Protestant Hospital in Columbus. However, there is also a listing for A.C. "Helpburn" in Shreveport, Louisiana that matches him and his family in birthdates and places of birth, but the the names are all different. Minnie is listed as Maude T., Katherine is listed as Cora, Marjorie is listed as Maud and Dortha is listed as Daisey. Both A.C. and Arthur are listed as civil engineers born in Ohio in February 1857.

Arthur's father, Harman is in Columbus in 1900 living at 1558 East Long Street with his daughter Mildred, and daughter Katherine who is married to William N. Cleveland. Harman lived right next door to Frank Tallmadge (1570 East Long Street). Later in 1900 Harman and the Clevelands may have moved to 283 Woodland Avenue.

231 Taylor Avenue, March 2010
In 1902 the Hepburns lived at 231 Taylor Avenue in Columbus.

Arthur died in August 1902 in Shreveport, Louisiana. His death was reported on page 3, column 5 of the August 15, 1902 issue of the Norwalk Daily Reflector newspaper.

The 1904 City Directory shows the widowed Minnie living at 50 Taylor Avenue.

The 1908-1915 City Directories show the widowed Minnie living at 9 Auburn Avenue. In 1908 Arthur's father Harman is living with his daughter Katherine and son-in-law, William N. Cleveland at 1581 Hawthorne Park. Harman died in Cleveland on March 4, 1914.

Minnie and her daughters seem to have moved back to Louisiana about 1916.

Minnie died January 8, 1919 in East Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The 1930 Census shows Katherine and Dorothy living in East Baton Rouge on the campus of Louisiana State University.

In 1907 the Artura Photo Paper Company of 1500 Eastwood Avenue bought the house from Minnie Hepburn.

In 1911, the Artura Photo Paper Company sold the property along with lots 9-12 to Frank S. Noble of Rochester, New York.

The City Directory lists Nathaniel Swing at this address from 1911 to 1916.

Nathaniel Gatch Swing was born July 11, 1853 in Bethel, Ohio, son of Merrett L. Swing.
He married Harriett E. "Hattie" Wilson in Clinton County on April 23, 1882. Hattie was born August 10, 1862 in Blanchester, Ohio, daughter of William and Sarah Lyons Wilson. They had a son, Robert Wilson (November 10, 1883-December 19, 1918).

In 1900 the Swings lived in Blanchester, Ohio. In 1910 they lived at 409 Wilson Avenue in Columbus. Nat was working as a shipping clerk at a paper company.

In 1911 the Swings moved to 50 Taylor Avenue. Swing was predominantly employed as a clerk, but in 1916, Swing was a detective for J.J. Mahoney. He worked as a watchman for a time as well. In 1916 Robert was working as a bartender. Robert was a clerk at the Chittenden Hotel and was a victim of the 1918 flu pandemic ,the "Spanish flu", an influenza pandemic that killed 50 million worldwide.

Nat died in Washington Court House, Ohio on November 9, 1939. Hattie died July 30, 1947. The Swings are buried at Sabina Cemetery in Clinton County.

Frank S. Noble sold lots 8-12 to the Eastman Kodak Company on April 9, 1917.

In 1917 Margaret Hearn rented the house.

William Henry Hearn was born in Urbana, Ohio, on December 3, 1863, son of Irish parents, Thomas and Ellen Dore Hearn. He married Margaret Isabelle Karns. Margaret was born February 6, 1870, in Bluffton, Ohio, daughter of Patrick and Elizabeth Buckmaster Karns. They had a son, Charles Floyd (1889-1956).

The 1916 City Directory lists the Hearn Tire & Rubber Company, Distributors of Kelly-Springfield Tires, William H. Hearn, Proprietor. This listing notes that his residence is over the store on the northwest corner of Fourth and Gay Streets, but there is also a separate listing for a residence at 1070 Linwood Avenue. William died October 17, 1916 at 1070 Linwood Avenue.

In 1940, Margaret, her divorced son Charles and grandson, Floyd, lived in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. Charles was a mailman. Margaret died September 19, 1944 in Mt. Vernon.

In 1918, Clarence W. Amore lived in the house.

Clarence, Nellie and Theodore Amore
Clarence Wesley Amore was born November 16, 1893 in Adamsville, Ohio, son of William Henry and Mary Angeline Wertz Amore. He married Nellie Frances Buchanan on April 23, 1916. Nellie was born about December 16, 1896 in West Virginia, daughter of T. H. and Isabelle McCarley Buchanan. They had two sons: Theodore William "Ted" (May 4, 1917) and Harold Winifred (November 5, 1923).

In 1916 Clarence lived at 390 South Ogden Avenue. At the time of her marriage, Nellie was working as a glovemaker.

In 1918, Clarence was a bookkeeper for the Snyder-Chaffee Candy Company. In 1920 the Amores lived at 407 Whitethorne Avenue and Clarence was still working for Snyder-Chaffee.

In the 1930 Census, Nellie is listed as married, but without Clarence, and living with her two young sons at 660 South Burgess Avenue. She was working in the home office of a Fertilizer Company. Clarence is a roomer at 961 West Broad Street, working as a waiter in a restaurant.

Clarence and Mary Amore
On January 16, 1932, Clarence married Mary Ann Traxler. Mary was born January 22, 1895 in Lorain, Ohio, daughter of John and Mary Tunney Traxler. Clarence and Mary were living two doors apart on 4th Street in Newark, Ohio and they both were working as cooks.

In 1940 Nellie is living with her sons, and Theodore is married and working as an office clerk at a news store and Nellie is working as a waitress. Clarence lived in Cleveland and worked for Ohio Crankshaft in 1942. He died June 3, 1973 in Cleveland.

Harold died on November 23, 1951 of a skull fracture in an auto accident on State Route 745 north of Dublin, Ohio. He was a packer at Owens-Illinois Glass Company.

Nellie died in 1956 and Ted in 1991.

In 1919, Joseph and Margaret E. Metaman rented the house.

On December 30, 1919 Kodak, who had bought the Artura Photo Paper Company sold the property to the Snyder-Chaffee Company for $25,000.

In 1920, Thomas O. Pickering, Manager of Central Tire and Repair rented the house.

The house at 1499 Menlo Place was built for the Pickerings about 1909. The Pickerings lived in a number of homes in Woodland Park. There is more information about the Pickerings in the blog post about 1499 Menlo Place.

In 1923, Neal Hasborrok rented the house. In 1924 George C. Fairbanks lived there.

Snyder, Chaffee and Company transferred the property to The North Side Land and Improvement Company on July 1, 1930. North Side lost the house and adjoining building to Sheriff's Sale and they were transferred to The Capital Investment Company in 1932.

In 1933 the Everett and Elizabeth Taylor rented the house. Everett was a carpenter.

In 1939 Emil O. and Ethel Keich lived in the house.

Emil Oscar Keich was born in Youngstown, Ohio on May 25, 1893, son of Charles and Wilimina "Minnie" Brombach Keich. He married Myrtle M. Young in Mahoning County on April 2, 1912. They had three sons, Charles Wilbur (1913) and Paul Russell (1916-1981), the third son was born in 1918 but only lived a few hours.

The 1920 Census shows the Keichs living in Youngstown, Ohio. Emil was a tire builder. Emil and Myrtle were both shoe clerks at the time of their marriage. The 1920 Youngstown City Directory lists the Keichs. Emil, his father and brother Otto are all working at the Republic Rubber Company.

Emil is listed in the 1924 Akron City Directory, living at the YMCA, working as a department manager at Federman Company (a department store). In 1928, Emil and Myrtle are listed in the Akron City Directory. Emil is working at the Nobil Shoe Company.

Emil married Ethel Bertha Johnson about 1928. Ethel was born December 5, 1905 in Kansas, daughter of Francis Marian and Carrie Zerger Johnson. They had a daughter, Ramona, born in California about July 28, 1928.

In 1930, Emil and Ethel Keich lived in Los Angeles, California. Emil was a manager of an advertising company. His brother Otto lived next door and was a job printer. Myrtle is also in Los Angeles, listed as divorced and working as a waitress in a restaurant. She has the two boys, Charles and Paul.

In 1939, Emil and Ethel are living at 50 Taylor Avenue and Emil is a salesman at the Gilbert Shoe Company. In 1941 the Keichs lived at 62 North Ohio Avenue. In 1942, the Keichs lived at 1021 Bryden Road. Emil was employed by the Gilbert Shoe Store at 210 East Town Street.

Ethel may have left Emil. Mrs. Ethel B. Keich is listed in the 1959 Orlando, Florida City Directory. She is working as a saleswoman at Joseph Bumby Hardware.

Ethel died in Florida on December 4, 1970. Emil died March 22, 1973 in Youngstown.

From 1942 through 1945, John E. Ruhl, and Army man lived in the house.

Sometime between 1953 and 1956 the Ritters moved in to 50 Taylor Avenue.

Ira Wilson Ritter was born April 16, 1901 in Ohio, son of Wilson Henry and Josephine Goldner Ritter.
He married Dorothy Thomas in 1927. Dorothy was born April 17, 1902 in Ohio. They had a son, John S. (December 18, 1930).

Columbus Dispatch,
February 10, 1956
From 1930 through 1937, Ira Wilson Ritter was manager of Central Storage and Transfer Company. In 1930 he lived at 1656 Greenway Avenue. In 1937 the Ritters lived at 681 Carpenter Street and Ira was President of the Eastwood Storage Company. In 1953 they lived at 2065 Maryland Avenue.

In March 1946, Overland Realty Company sold the properties to Union Building and Savings Company. In April 1946, Ritter bought the properties from Union Building and Savings Company. In 1956 the storage firm was known as the Atlas Eastwood Storage Co.

Ira died February 9, 1956. His place of residence at time of death was 50 Taylor Avenue. The property was transferred to his widow and son, Dorothy T. and John S. Ritter on November 18, 1957. On March 3, 1958 they sold lots 9-12 to the Atlas Eastwood Storage Company. John transferred his interest in lot eight, 50 Taylor Avenue to his mother. Dorothy continued to live at 50 Taylor Avenue, and she married Dana H. Walser about 1959 and they sold the house to Atlas Moving and Storage on September 20, 1963. The Walsers moved to Corning, Perry County and divorced in August 1971. Dorothy died July 16, 1987 in Perry County.

Atlas sold the property to the Board of Education on August 22, 1968. They would eventually demolish the house.

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