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1530 East Long Street - McCarty House

1530 East Long Street
Lot 34 Cornfield's Addition

This house was probably designed by its first owner, architect, Joel Edward McCarty. The house was built about 1898.

Joel Edward McCarty was born December 9, 1856. He married Ella M.

The McCartys are listed in the City Directories at this address from 1898 to 1912.

McCarty was founding member of the firm of Richards, McCarty & Bulford in about 1899. This firm was in business until 1943 and designed many Columbus landmarks and at least three other homes in Woodland Park, 1570 Hawthorne Park, 1607 East Long Street and 241 Woodland Avenue. Joel McCarty's Subdivision in Woodland Park contains most of the homes of Menlo Place.

McCarty died in 1952.

Joel McCarty, circa 1906
McCarty sold the house to Beryl Agler on July 14, 1919.

Karl George Agler was born April 7, 1879 in Milford Center, Ohio, son of Orin W. Agler. He married Beryl Butler. Beryl was born December 9, 1880, daughter of James H. and Loretta E. Simons Butler. They had a daughter, Doris born in 1908.

In 1917, Agler was Manager and Salesman for The Scioto Valley Supply Company. In 1930, he was President of Dreher Supply Company, wholesale plumbing.

From 1938 until his death, Agler lived at 3130 East Main Street, where he operated Agler's House of Antiques.

Karl died on March 1, 1943 and Beryl died December 22, 1944. They are buried at Greenlawn Cemetery.

On December 11, 1937, the house was deeded to The Central Building & Loan Company.

On March 26, 1938, Walter G. and Essie D. Lochbaum bought the house.

Walter George Lochbaum was born August 17, 1894 in Pike County, Ohio, son of George N. and Elizabeth Rothmeier Lochbaum. He married Essie Delphia Blair about 1918. Essie was born about 1896 in Ohio, daughter of David and Maggie Blair. They had a daughter Mildred Louise born in 1920.

In 1930 the Lochbaums lived at 107 North 20th Street. Walter was a cabinet maker for a lumber company and Essie was a clerk in a doctor's office.

In 1942 Walter worked for Dealers Lumber Company at 1836 East Long Street. In 1957 he was a woodworker at the Teachout Sash and Door Glass Company. The Lochbaums then lived at 3000 Wicklow Road.

Walter died in London, Ohio on June 29, 1972.

On June 6, 1949, the house was transferred to Mamie L. Brown.

Mamie Lee Brown was born February 14, 1906 in Tennessee, daughter of Walter and Mable Brown. She had a daughter, Jacqueline L. (October 22, 1942).

In 1930 Mamie lived in Nashville, Tennessee and was a nurse for a private family.

In 1949, Mamie lived at 475 Eldridge Avenue. In 1956 Mamie was a clerk working for Joseph T. Kourie. Kourie ran a grocery at 641 Mt. Vernon Avenue.

Mamie died on August 25, 1989 in Columbus.

On January 17, 1986 the house was transferred to her daughter, Jacqueline L. (Harry) Fickling.

On January 26, 1989, Linda Dones bought the house.

On August 5, 1993, Kenneth E. and Terri L. Cavice bought the house.

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