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Dr. Mark and Mr. Katz

Fanny Mark
Dr. Louis Mark, 1923
Dr. Louis Mark owned 1559 Granville Street between October 11, 1921 and July 28, 1923. Dr. Mark was from Duluth, Minnesota. His parents were Jews from Russia. He came to Columbus in 1921 with his wife Fanny (nee Karon) and daughter Charlotte. Louis and Fanny were married October 7, 1919 in Duluth. About 1925 they had twins, Lloyd and Louise.

Dr. Mark was a lung and chest specialist. He had a a practice in Columbus, and at the time of his death was the head of the chest department at the White Cross Hospital. 

Dr. Clyde Leeper started the Rocky Glen Sanatorium in 1911 for the treatment of tuberculosis. In 1919 Dr. Mark purchased the sanatorium, a small farmhouse and sixteen one-room cottages with an enrollment of two patients. From this meager beginning Louis Mark built Rocky Glen into the largest privately owned tuberculosis sanatorium in the country with an enrollment of 150 patients from all over Ohio and many other states.

Rocky Glen Sanatorium
During the late 1950's and early 1960's the number of patients declined due to the conquest of tuberculosis through drug therapy. To utilize the facilities and skilled employees of the sanatorium, RGS was converted to Mark Rest Center, a skilled nursing facility with 24 beds.

The center remained with the Mark family until 1987 when it was purchased by Genesis Healthcare System.

Mrs. Mark, born March 27, 1894, was born in Duluth. She was into amateur theater and died in Columbus July 14, 1962. Louis was a well known contract bridge expert, as well as being an amateur athlete, into football and golf. He died of cancer in Columbus on February 25, 1954.
Walter Katz, 1927
Walter Katz owned the house for just three months before Minnie Neustadt bought it, between July 28, 1923 and October 31, 1923. Walter Katz was a Russian Jew who came to the US in 1892 or 1903 (there are conflicting records). He was the son of Jacob B. Katz, born January 1, 1884. In 1910 he was single, a fruit truck driver, boarding with Alfred Lieberman at 619 E. Livingston Ave. He became a naturalized citizen in 1910. On June 25, 1918 he married Rose R. Topper of Toledo, Ohio. In 1920 he was divorced and living at the Southern Hotel, occupation iron and metals buyer.

In 1930 Katz is living with his second wife Fannie M. at 841 Heyl Avenue. He was working as a retail grocery salesman. He and Fannie had a son, Alvin. They lived at 1093 S. Ohio Avenue in the 1940s. Walter died February 21, 1973 in Columbus. Fannie died December 1, 1986.

Rocky Glen Sanatorium

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