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1567 Granville Street - Miles House

1567 Granville Street
Woodland Park, Columbus, Ohio 
Clarence Edwin Woolman bought lots 43, 44, and the west half of lot 45 from the City Realty Company (Hugh E. Smith, President) on May 15, 1908. Clarence was a real estate agent, and in 1910 he lived at 1655 Franklin Avenue. The Woolmans later lived at 65 Wilson Avenue for many years. Eleanor died August 1, 1962 and Clarence died in 1967.

Clarence E. and Eleanor H. Woolman sold the  new house to the Miles on April 1, 1909.

John Battelle Miles and his wife, Imogene Ingram Miles were married November 2, 1902. John was born in June 1870, probably in Gallipolis,  son of Columbus J. Miles and Elizabeth Hopkins.

John B. Miles
circa 1911
In 1910, John was a county clerk. They had a 28-year-old African-American servant, Sarah Lewis.

The Who's Who issue of The Ohio State University Quarterly from April, 1912 tells us that Imogene was born in Bellbrook, Ohio, February 1, 1874. She attended The Ohio State University 1891-97, two years preparatory, and graduated in June 1897 with a Bachelor of Philosophy degree. She was a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

In 1912, the Miles had Bell telephone number 1897, yep, just four digits.

The Miles had two children, Howard Barratt, born September 6, 1903 and a daughter, Gwendolyne, born on January 31, 1908.

The Miles sold the house on September 19, 1919. The deed notes that there are some special assessements due for the improvement of Granville Street falling due and payable in December 1919. A neighbor, Frank Thompson was a witness on the deed. In 1920, the Miles lived at 182 18th Street and John was working as manager of a paste manufacturing company. John died November 21, 1929 and Imogene on April 10, 1949 in Hartford, Connecticut. 

A suave Bill, William
Lyman Case, Jr. in his 
1936 Columbus Academy
yearbook photo
In 1920, William Lyman and Margaret B. Case owned the house. W. Lyman, Sr. was born September 4, 1892 in St. Louis, Missouri. Margaret was born about 1893 in Ohio. They wer married about 1919 and had three sons, the first, William Lyman Case, Jr., was also known as Bill. Bill was a member of the class of 1940 of Amherst College. He received his BA degree from The Ohio State University. Bill was a marine corps lieutenant during WWII, and became a leading realtor in the Columbus in the years before he retired to Naples, Florida.

Lyman, Sr. was a salesman for the Zinn & Robins Realty Co. in 1917. In 1920 his occupation is listed as real estate broker and they have a live-in 20-year-old servant at their home on Granville Street, Sarah Boyer. By 1942, W. Lyman Case was self employed with offices at 150 East Broad Street, and a fine home in Bexley at 43 Preston Road.

A young Mary Louise Mckisson Allread
March 15, 1922, Harold C. Allread took possession. Harold was a general practice attorney born August 13, 1889 in Greenville, Ohio. Harold was a WWI veteran, enlisting in the Army September 7, 1918. At that time he lived at 63 Latta Avenue. His wife was Mary Lucille (nee Mckisson) who was born February 23, 1895 in Belmont, Ohio. and they were probably married in 1921. They had three children, Mary P., Sara, and James R. Harold died April 8, 1964 and is buried in Union Cemetery. Mary died November 16, 1989 in Huntsville, Alabama.

The Allreads lived at 1568 Clifton Avenue in 1920.

Harold Allread
circa 1911
The first African-American owners of the property were Rev. Karl Franklin and Josephine Anna (Jackson) Smith. They bought the property on January 22, 1949. Karl was born in Zanesville on October 5, 1892, a son of Henry Nathaniel Smith and Mary Sylvia Nukes. Josephine was born in Ohio in about 1895. They were married December 4, 1915. Karl was a minister in the Church of Christ. Karl and Josephine had seven children, Ruth Sylvia, Karl F. Jr., Aaron Jackson, Juanita M., and two others.  In 1930, they owned the house at 209 18th Street. Karl died January 25, 1972 in Columbus and Josephine passed away in May 1976. They are buried in Union Cemetery.

Hattie Mae Littleton
Samuel L. and Hattie Mae Littleton were the next owners, starting September 17, 1957. Sam was born August 23, 1926, son of Samuel H. and Alberta Littleton - in 1930 their family lived at 436 Buttles Avenue. He was a WWII veteran, and he completed two years of high school. His occupation in 1945 was classified as, "unskilled amusement, receation and motion picture occupations."

Hattie was born June 20, 1929 and she died December 8, 2010 in Columbus.

March 5, 1980, Nathan K. and Deborah A. Toles Wicker bought the house from the Littletons. Nathan was born about 1949 and Deborah in 1952. They married December 17, 1977 in Columbus, but just a few months after buying the house, on October 15, 1980, they were divorced.

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