Friday, April 6, 2012

George L. Schmidt, Wholesale Meats, 145 Greenway Avenue South

In 1940, George L. Schmidt and his family lived at 145 Greenway Avenue South, and address that no longer exists.

Schmidt was son of J. Fred Schmidt, founder of a meat packing business in German Village in 1886. By 1940, George was president of the firm.

According to the Schmidt's website, George ran the "thriving packing house business through the great depression, (and) was a huge sports enthusiast. In 1938, he became the majority stockholder of one of Columbus's first professional football teams, the Columbus Bullies."

"Schmidt's first venture into the restaurant / concession business was in the 1920's, when George opened a stand at the Ohio State Fair. Today, the Schmidt's food booth is the second oldest food concessionaire at the state fair and is still amongst the most popular."

George's son, George F. Schmidt "opened the company's first restaurant in July of 1967 just around the corner from his grandfathers' meat packing plant in German Village. Using meat recipes from the packing days and dessert recipes from the German ladies hired to run the kitchen, Schmidt's Sausage Haus became an instant success. Schmidt's is still a landmark eatery in Central Ohio."

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