Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Who lived here?

Woodland Park, Columbus, Ohio 
The amount of historical information online is amazing. Being an amateur genealogist, I am familiar with the research tools, and as part of my house obsession, I wondered who had lived in this house before, even who lived in the neighborhood. The house was probably one of the first in Woodland Park, built in 1904-1905. It would have been upper middle class at the time.

320 Johnson Street
The first family to inhabit the house were the Dornbergs, and they lived there until 1920. The second longest tenants were Ruby Hunt and her daughter Edith who bought the house in 1950. They had been living right around the corner at 320 Johnson Street. I imagine them in my mind as Miss Ruby and Miss Edith. Miss Ruby died in 1983 and Miss Edith later moved to Gilbert, Arizona, selling the house in 2000 before her death July 30, 2005.

Another interesting tenant of the house in the 1920s was the widow Minnie Neustadt and her brood. Her deceased husband Rabbi Neustadt was a big mover-and-shaker in the Indianapolis Jewish community, establishing several Hebrew schools there. It seems that after his death in 1913 and around 1923, the older boys found work in Columbus, either establishing or working on a Jewish newspaper, and this probably was the reason for the family's move from Indianapolis to Columbus.

I'll write more about all these folks and the neighbors as I explore and find out more.

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